Medical Alerts


Medical Alerts

The kit includes:

• Main Console with 2-Way Voice Communication

• 1 Waterproof Wristband/Pendant Transmitter*

*Extra transmitters available for additional fee



•  Monthly Charge/No Contract     $24.95

•  Activation Fee                            $99.00

•  FailSafe Installation                   $199.00

How our system works:

Given the choice, most people with medical conditions or physical limitations would prefer to stay at home and remain as independent as they can. That’s not always possible, but many are finding that with the addition of an easy to use medical alert system from FailSafe Security, they can stay in their home with greater peace of mind. Our medical alert device is a direct link to a certified, trained operator who will assist as needed, any time of the day or night.

Our medical alert system has advanced features that allow someone in need of help to activate the system from anywhere in the home, and from up to 300 feet outside the home as well. In an emergency, a simple press of a button can send family members, friends, or rescue personnel within moments. The operator will then stay in contact until help arrives to make sure you get the help you need.

There’s no easier way to get help in an emergency than a medical alert system from FailSafe Security. It provides not just a quick way to get help, but it also allows an injured person to remain still, reducing the risk of further injury. When you call 911, emergency responders will be sent your way, but FailSafe Security can call emergency responders or a family member, depending on the situation.

Medical alert systems now offer solutions to help you manage your medication and safety while keeping them in touch with emergency help. Our advanced system allows you to maintain an independent life in your home and lets family members continue their daily lives, secure in the knowledge that their relatives are not alone.